Musculoskeletal complaints are often health problems caused by repeated incorrect movements in the muscles, tendons and skeletal apparatus as well as in cartilage and nerve tissue. The symptoms of the complaint can be very debilitating or only slightly pronounced, but it is always worth treating in order to prevent permanent damage.

This is where we start!

Physiotherapy is not only a means of rehabilitation, but also of prevention in order to counteract potentially harmful factors such as incorrect movements, stress, physically challenging activities, tension, sedentary lifestyle and inactivity, thereby maintaining health in the best possible way and preventing operations.

Within the framework of preventive physiotherapy at MedTeam, body awareness is sharpened and health-promoting and health-preserving movement patterns are learned. Once the correct use of the musculoskeletal system has been internalised, the quality of life and mobility can be maintained up to old age.

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